BRM Cafe with Zespri

In this episode Peter talks to Michael Pugh, Mark Graham and Roger Linney from Zespri - a BRM team from New Zealand. We discuss how the conference has made BRM come to life for them, cultural differences between North America and New Zealand, impactful presenters,...

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BRM Cafe with Adam Shopshire and Lee Reiff

In this episode Peter talks to Adam Shopshire and Lee Reiff. This episode was recorded at the BRM Connect conference in San Diego in October 2018. In this episode we talk about the impact of the keynote presentation from Jim Brusnahan, BRM metrics, relationships with...

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BRM Cafe with BRM Team from Purdue University

In this episode Peter talks to the BRM team from Purdue University about their progress as a BRM team. The team consists of Leanne McGiveron, Mark Sullivan and Crystal Dombkowski. Topics we discuss is what they have done so far, how are they building the relationships...

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BRM Cafe with Joe Topinka

In this episode Peter talks to Joe Topinka. Joe is a CIO and also the chairman of the board of directors of the BRM Institute. He has written a book about IT Business partnerships and is active as a consultant and coach to other CIOs. In this episode we talk about...

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BRM Cafe with Marleen Lundy

BRM Connect conference Peter: Welcome to BRM Café episode 13. In this episode I talk to Marleen Lundy of the BRM Institute. She's the chief development officer for the BRM Institute and we talk about her role, the conference and the knowledge paths to success....

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BRM Cafe with Malini Jayaganesh

Business Relationship Management in AustraliaPeter: Welcome to BRM Cafe Episode 12. In this episode, I talk to Malini Jayaganesh about BRM in Australia proving value of the BRM role, the cultural differences, developing countries for BRM, knowledge paths to success...

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